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"WELCOME TO WAITING FOR THE BAD THING TO HAPPEN! – humanity’s las self-help Gala, where we will now wait and prepare ourselves to face the end of the world in the most meaningful and (of course) in the most BANGING way possible!

According to our calculations the end is going to happen already within the next 45 minutes, so we better get started!"

Inspired by the contemporary depictions of "the end of the world", WAITING FOR THE BAD THING TO HAPPEN explores with humour and equilibristic choreography the things we could find meaningful or worth a while staging and sharing when facing our own mortality - and our desire to go out with a bang!

The show is presented in collaboration with Bornholms Kulturuge.

Supported by the Danish Arts Council, the Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point and Knud Højgaard’s Fund.



Lauri Lohi, Bjartey Elin, Rune Nis Klenø/Samuli Emery, Shelmith Øseth, Thea Kalhead Möller
On video: Noora Hannula

Direction and concept: Noora Hannula / The Nordic Beasts
Choreography: Noora Hannula og de medvirkende
Dramaturgy: Krista Hannula
Composition: Ida Duelund

Costumes: Pernille Vestergaard

Set design: Tine Jespersen
Production leader: Mathilde G. Erichsen
Producent: Laura Jespersen
PR: Julie Grove / GORGONLAB
Grafisk design: Søren Meisner
Lys design: Jari Matsi
Sound design: Michael Brøndum

Stage video coding: Alex Christoffer Rasmussen

Presented in collaboration with Bornholms Kulturuge.

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