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In a 2007 Computerworld interview, world famous author, inventor, futurist and Google

director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil predicts that 2017 will be “the year of augmented reality”. He foresees an explosive use of 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) cautioning that few will be able to fully appreciate how radically different such a future will be.


.. And maybe Kurtzweil was right! In 2014 Facebook buys the VR giant Oculus with a vision of creating an unprecedented social media universe which we will soon be able to enter as avatars - virtual alter egos. Meanwhile, present day gaming industries are embracing and promoting dating as the ultimate game producing an avalanche of virtual worlds and characters simulating intimate human relationships.


So, before the complicated relationship, back home at the chopping board is cast aside in favor of a personally customized, throbbing sex adventure with a half cheerleader, half unicorn-avatar – Noora Hannula and The Nordic Beasts dance theater will storm against the future!


During a 45-minute showdown choreographer and dancer Noora Hannula will test her physical limits against a 3D animated virtual girlfriend Soma. Inspired by the most popular game heroines, this dead-hardcore, dead-funny physical dance performance will be showcasing the gravity of the reality in an art of the impossible, as the human character; Noora mimics flight

sequences, extreme martial arts and erotic clichés in this grotesquely embodied attempt to beat staged 3D reality.

The work was co-produced by Kulturværftet, Click Festival and Bora Bora. The works was supported by Danish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Fund, Koneensäätiö, Dansk Komponist Forening and Knud Højgaards Fond.


Concept, choreography and live-performance: Noora Hannula (FI)

Story consultancy and 3D animation direction: Petter Madegård (SE)

3D Technical director and Animator: Belinda Larsen (DK)

Music and Sound design: Ida Duelund (DK)

Motion captured dancer: Helena Wilhelmsson (SE)

VFX & Animator: Ida Hove-Kreutzfeldt

2D motion graphics: Søren Meisner (DK)

Light design and technique: Hackstage production company and John P.G. Jónsson (IS/GE)

CG Generalists: Lasse Smith (DK) and Casper Arp Knudsen

Voice actors: Jonas Preben Jørgensen, Noora Hannula, Ida Duelund and Helena Wilhelmsson

Script: Noora Hannula and Petter Madegård
Dramaturgy and script worked in collaboration with: Joshua Rubin (US) and

Klaus H. Frederiksen (DK)
Costumié: Sophie Bellin-Hansen

Props: Jon Geltin




Camilla Smidt / Animator

Anne-Mette Windeløv Andersen / 3D Technical Consulent

Jacob Behrndtz / 3D Technical Consulent

Carl Emil Carlsen / Technical Consulent

Jesper Domino Andersen / Technical Consulent

Sophia Mage (DK/US) and Elin Signy (IS) / Extra motion capture material and research

"The performance was technically marvelous and it began a reflection on how we relate to the near future where virtual reality melts more and more with our own."

“I can safely say I've never seen anything like it. There is a wild clash between human physical endurance and Soma's inhumane effortlessness. It's completely wild to look at! It is performances like this that help push the limits of what we think the theater can."

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May 2019

Click Festival, Elsinore (DK)19th and 20th May 2018

Ars Electronica Festival n September 2018

Aarhus (DK) 6th and 7th November 2018

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