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In here you can have a more informative look at the digital characters, social media art and physical products created in relation to the SoMe SERIES performance concepts. During rehearsal and touring periods the characters are alive and new content will be uploaded to the social media channels.






At first glance @fuck_my_fashion is a character that enjoys fashion and is obsessed with Barbie, Die Antwoord, unicorns and rainbows. She promotes pimped up luxury items from a fashion brand created only for her called YCHIBIM. Though her profile is colourful her character seems moody and sightly dark, since with a closer look you'll find that her images often have details that purposefully hint to violence and failure, while combined with playful editing. 


is @FUCK_MY_FASHIONS' sport obsessed bf, who loves travelling and who's glass is always half full. Being a personal trainer her life looks extremely healthy and active. She shows how to work out with a bottle of champagne while being on a holiday and wakes up 6 in the morning for a jog ...while @fuck_my_fashion returns from the bar. She has been asked to promote fitness products but she 
isn't hopping on that train yet... since she has a comfortably luxurious life as it is. 


@YCHIBIM explained

@youcanthaveitbecauseitsmine is a brand that promotes pimped up luxury items. Much like the made up brand logos created for Cartoons to avoid real ones, YHIBIM is not a real brand and none of the items made for it can be bought. It doesn't aim for a wast follower base, its' sole purpose is to simply offer items that can then be referred to by @fuck_my_fashion in her own profile. 


In September 2017 @fuck_my_fashion and @get_thin_and_win_69 made an appearance at Julius Sylvests' Endless Summer music video, which was created to be a part of the shows online concept and released together with the Spotify release of the track.


At the pieces youtube channel: @SNAPMEGIRLS you can find all the online teasers of the show and follow new content when the stage piece is active. 



@pietaku_kochebi was @fuck_my_fashions partner in crime in the 2016 edition of the show. He is a cute young gay guy who dreams of pop stardom and therefor likes to perform singing samples to his followers. His picture edits play with transformation and colours in ways that resemble heavy make up and gives away his fascination of drag culture. 

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