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Because somewhere between the latest cat video and the news of Trumps presidency the truth became subjective, because it doesn’t matter how falls the information is, if the content is presented to its’ audience convincingly, and because maybe we were part of the wave of ignorance that shared articles without reading them – this season Noora Hannula and The Nordic Beasts present THE ERA OF NO TALENT RISING! A dance theater show about truth vs online branding, that combines aggressive social media use, documentary style film and virtuous choreography!

Because we will not lay down and let the truth be walked over by our selves! We will fight! Because even when you manage to brand your self to be living the dream, reality is still worth something!


The show is a co-production between The Nordic Beasts, Dansehallerne, Dansearena Nord and Danse Festival Barents. The production and tour period of the show is in Autumn 2019 / Spring 2020.

THE ERA OF NO TALENT RISING  is the third work of choreographer Noora Hannula's social media series, where she explore concepts of identity from the point of view of the Snowflake-generation.

The generation that is born to be special, said to be weak, who knows the problems of the world and how to enjoy fast-food dating, and has a merciless camera pointed at themselves and their doings at all times.

Pictures from the research residency at Dansearena Nord.

Research done with dancer Loraine Dambermont, script writer Krista Hannula and musician Ida Duelund.

 Length of the showing 20 minutes.



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