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IMANI / World Tour 2016-2017

Show 2016-2017

In July 2016 Noora Hannula choreographer a floor-work choreography for the National Danish Performance Teams 2016-2017 show IMANI.

IMANI means trust or faith in Swahili and the show centers around exactly that - to have faith in yourself and trust in others. Believing in yourself, in one another and the community can make you experience both good and evil. One can get hurt, disappointed and frustrated, but also happy, curious and surprised. Through IMANI you will experience incredibly good gymnasts that put themselves on the line to provide the audience with a show that can move and inspire. 

The performance combines a variety of modern rhythmic gymnastics, dance, artistic vaulting, tumbling, trampoline and high-energy acrobatics. It is a dazzling and breathtaking display at the highest level.

Tour from September 2016 till July 2017

DGI group learning the floor-work choreography. :)

The official trailer of the show.


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