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2016 - 2023




"WELCOME TO WAITING FOR THE BAD THING TO HAPPEN! – humanity’s las self-help Gala, where we will now wait and prepare ourselves to face the end of the world in the most meaningful and (of course) in the most BANGING way possible!

According to our calculations the end is going to happen already within the next 45 minutes, so we better get started!"

Inspired by the contemporary depictions of "the end of the world", WAITING FOR THE BAD THING TO HAPPEN explores with humour and equilibristic choreography the things we could find meaningful or worth a while staging and sharing when facing our own mortality - and our desire to go out with a bang!

Waiting for The Bad Thing to Happen - The Nordic Beasts - foto Søren Meisner -horizontal-s

THE YOUTUBER begins on Youtube where you are invited to follow a group of truly AWESOME dancers in their daily vlogs, whom after an otherwise terrific start on their production, are soon confronted by things that seem to be severely off. When suddenly one of the dancers goes missing, suspicions start to rise and the play with reality turns into REAL horror! 
Now the absurdities continue on stage as they, along with their audience, trace their steps back to unravel the mystery and find out what REALLY happened... 

Through interactive dance and Youtube horror THE YOUTUBER plays with the perceived social media reality and explores the dream job of every third 12-17 year old: being a Youtuber - with all that it entails. 

The Youtuber - The Nordic Beasts - foto Sõren Meisner -2179.jpg

Have you completely forgotten how real intimacy feels like? Do not despair! The Nordic Beasts SWEET CONSTRUCTED INTIMACY EXPERIENCE is here to re-connect you! With the help of live emotion tracking technology and a carefully designed mixture of extreme movement and sound created by choreographer Noora Hannula (FI) in collaboration with composer Ida Duelund (DK).

Sweet Constructed Intimacy Experience - The Nordic Beasts - foto S況en Meisner -8262.jpg

Because somewhere between the latest cat video and the news of Trump’s Presidency the truth became subjective - We: The Nordic Beasts decided to change the life as we know it to become popstars. We succeeded, and now we will not only perform Europe’s most epic stage show ever, but also share our inspirational story of success. There is only one but: None of it ever happened. But what then? Is reality worth anything?


In a storm of martial arts and erotic clichés, dancer and choreographer Noora Hannula throws herself into a grotesque but hilarious showdown with her virtual rival - Soma, in a wild encounter between modern dance and 3D animation.


“I can safely say I've never seen anything like it. There is a wild clash between human physical endurance and Soma's inhumane effortlessness. It's completely wild to look at! It is performances like this that help push the limits of what we think the theater can."

Choreography and dance for director Giacomo Ravicchio's Orpheus and Eurydice. A modern take of Glucks opera from 1762 made in collaboration with NordicOpera, Uppercut Danseteater, Meridiano Teatret, and Den Fynske Opera.

A physically merciless solo reflecting on identity at the online-information era! Using the most popular online publications as its source, the work playfully explores the national identity of a Finn in 2017. Premiered at CPH Stage Festival 2017

Welcome to Constructed Intimacy. Welcome to Sweet C. I. experience. Inspired by the future of intimacy and the current technological goals and achievements, dancer and choreographer Noora Hannula explores constructed intimacy with musician Ida Duelund, in a performance concert, that dives into the future of machine generated intimacy experiences.


Research supported by Haut Scene / Theater Sort Hvid.

The Nordic Beasts vs. The Augmented-Reality Girls

Showcase of research, Click Festival 2017, 3D Animation and  dance.

In this research the team explored how to create a poetic mash-up by experimenting with two genres: Gameplay and Modern Dance – Because something interesting, entertaining, needed and dangerous is bound to happen when a level-two-game-over framework is superimposed onto modern performative dance theater.

In Snap Me, 20231 LIKES the spectators are taken as far as likes are worth. While the performers create images that illustrates that reality is not always, what we are trying to manufacture it to be and show how much the currency of likes talks to us.

The show targets a vast audience from teenagers to their parents. It opens up discussions about these real platforms that take up space and time in our lives while being an abstract reality living in our pockets.

"SNAP ME, 20231 LIKES is fantastic and so damned relevant. It contains everything from barely dressed dancers, twerking, and selfies to wildly professional people who know what they are doing"


HAUT Scene

Lea Nelhorf (

Floorwork choreography for the World Tour 2016-2017 of DGI

IMANI means trust or faith in Swahili and the show centers around exactly that - to have faith in yourself and trust in others.

The performance combines a variety of modern rhythmic gymnastics, dance, artistic vaulting, tumbling, trampoline and high-energy acrobatics. It is a dazzling and breathtaking display at the highest level.

A physical performance on the importance of our choices, commissioned by Regionsteater Väst (SE). The show Challenges brings  the audience in several different situations that invite imaginative solutions. The dancers' bodies can become everything from a robot to sea. Like dreams or games the show will take new forms, making everyday statements visible with physical expressions and using humor to turn problems into opportunities.

The work was selected to perform at Internationale Tanzmesse in 2016.

Show-reel of some of the dance films that I have worked with as a dancer and a choreographer in 2013 - 2014. 

Within the frame of a documentary and self-composed music surrounding, Buy My City takes its' audience to see the gap and absurdity of the relationship between the individuals and the highly functional society. 

Winner of The White Box Edition 2013, Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam

A constellation of 4 solos. All  inspired by different mental states.

Winner of The Best Solo Dancer 2012, at Het Toneelhuis Theater, Antwerp, Belgium


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