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Follow THE YOUTUBER first via the EPIC vlog, and meet the dancers live on stage where a TRUE horror mystery unravels! 

A group of truly AWESOME dancers meet on stage. They look suspicious and scared - because what happened in the weeks leading up to the premiere? They were vlogging about the making of THIS new dance show, in the middle of a Finnish forest when their experiments with YouTubing took a dark turn: one of the dancers went missing and the game with reality turned into a TRUE horror mystery. 

Now the absurdities continue on stage as they, along with their audience, trace their steps back to unravel the mystery and find out what REALLY happened... 


With Dansehallerne as co-producer, the Finnish choreographer and dancer NOORA HANNULA has created an absurd and gripping online and live dance performance, THE YOUTUBER, which plays with the perceived reality on social media and explores what it takes to live the dream of being a Youtuber - performed with the extreme corporeality and humor that characterize Hannula's works.

Supported by the Danish Arts Council, the Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Knud Højgaard’s Fund and Augustinus Fonden.


Noora Hannula, Helena Wilhelmsson, Bjartey Elin, Rune Nis Klenø, Samuli Emery
On video: Hilde Sandvold 

Instruktion og koncept: Noora Hannula / The Nordic Beasts

Co-producent: Dansehallerne
Koreograf: Noora Hannula og de medvirkende
Dramatiker: Krista Hannula
Komponist: Ida Duelund

Kostumer: Ane Kjær
Producent : Ida Marie Fich
PR: Ida Marie Fich og ThinkPR
Grafisk design: Søren Meisner
Lys design: Jari Matsi

Stage video coding: Alex Christoffer Rasmussen

The Youtuber title.png


Next shows presented by Copenhagen Stage Festival 2023! 

June 2nd at 20:00

June 3rd at 16:00 and 20:00




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