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Winner of The White Box Edition 2013, Amsterdam

Registration by Wilhelm Blomberg

Buy My City


1:"what kind of pattern do you have?"

2:"I have a traditional orthogonal grid and you?"

1:"Me? I just bought a discontinuous model.."

2:"ok.. but I think mine has greater street frequencies."

1:"do you mean city settings wise?"


1:"ah. Ok, then you are right"

2:” I am so going for the zonal model right now..”

1:”..Central business district.. huh?”

2”..mmmm.. urban open space.”


Within the frame of a documentary and self-composed music surrounding, Buy My City takes its' audience to see the gap and absurdity of the relationship between the individuals and the highly functional society. 


Choreography concept, dance and music: Noora Hannula and Loraine Dambermont


Length: 17 minutes


Premiere: 1st October 2013 Melkweg Theatre, Amsterdam


TICKESTS SALES at Melkweg Theaters site:



Photo: Anne Beentjes


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