In her Social Media Series - a work series started in 2016, Noora Hannula focuses on the concepts we have of ourselves online now that everyone has the tools to be their own PR-manager. She is deeply fascinated by the millennials - the so-called Snowflake-generation. The generation that is born to be special, said to be weak, who knows the problems of the world and how to enjoy fast-food dating, all while pointing a merciless camera at themselves at all times.

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Big poster 70x 100 (16MB).jpg

A dance theater show about truth vs online branding, that combines aggressive social media use, documentary style film and amazing choreography!

Because somewhere between the latest cat video and the news of Trump’s Presidency the truth became subjective - We: The Nordic Beasts decided to change the life as we know it to become popstars. We succeeded, and now we will not only perform Europe’s most epic stage show ever, but also share our inspirational story of success. There is only one but: None of it ever happened. But what then? Is reality worth anything?

The show is a co-production of The Nordic Beasts, Dansehallerne, Dansearena Nord and Danse Festival Barents. The work is supported by the Danish Arts Council and Nordic Culture Fund.

Research supported also by Kokko1721 residence.


In Snap Me, 20231 LIKES the spectators are taken as far as likes are worth. While the performers create images that illustrates that reality is not always, what we are trying to manufacture it to be and show how much the currency of likes talks to us.

The show targets a vast audience from teenagers to their parents. It opens up discussions about these real platforms that take up space and time in our lives while being an abstract reality living in our pockets.

Tour supported 2018-2019 by Danish Arts Councils Garantiordning


The Whole Fire
A physically merciless solo reflecting on identity at the online-information era! Using the most popular online publications as its source, the work playfully explores the national identity of a Finn in 2017.

Performed at Copenhagen stage Festival 2017!