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Welcome to Constructed Intimacy. Welcome to Sweet C. I. experience.


Right now 3D scans of models are being loaded for Virtual Reality (VR) Porn experiences, while Stanford professors are doing all they can to improve artificial intelligence and machine learning to be indistinguishable from a grown up human being by 2050.

Right now personal facial expression and voice can be reproduced from a film sample of 30 minutes and the first version of a customer friendly full body VR sex suit is out on the market.

The question is not weather the future relationships will include machine interaction in the most intimate and wild ways possible, but how fast will it happen and what are the emotional and cultural consequences?


Inspired by the future of intimacy and the current technological goals and achievements, dancer and choreographer Noora Hannula explores constructed intimacy with musician Ida Duelund, in a performance concert, that dives into the future of machine generated intimacy experiences.

RESEARCH residencies 2017 and 2019

Research supported by HAUT Scene, REMIC, MDT Stocholm, The Nordic Recidency Program and Nordic Culture Point.



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