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The Nordic Beasts vs. The Augmented-Reality Girls

In a 2007 Computerworld interview, world famous author, inventor, futurist and Google director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil predicts that 2017 will be “the year of augmented reality.". He foresees an explosive use of 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) cautioning that few will be able to fully appreciate how radically different such a future will be.


And maybe Kurtzweil was right! In 2014 Facebook buys the VR giant Oculus with a vision of creating an unprecedented social media universe which we will soon be able to enter as virtual alter egos - avatars. Meanwhile, present day gaming industries embrace and promote dating as the ultimate game producing an avalanche of virtual worlds and characters simulating relations and intimate relationships.

So, before the complicated relationship, back home, at the chopping board is cast aside in favour of a personally customized, throbbing sex adventure with an avatar - will The Nordic Beasts storm against the future!

In this 20-minute showdown the company will engage in a physical and choreographical fight against freshly animated 3D computer characters, inspired by such virtual females as Miss Starling of Lollipop Chainsaw, Lara Croft and the VR-dating-darling Nene Anegasaki of Nintendos Love Plus.


In this research we intend to create a poetic mash-up by experimenting with two genres: Gameplay and Modern Dance – Because we believe something interesting, entertaining, needed and dangerous is bound to happen when a level-two-game-over framework is superimposed onto modern performative dance theater.


Concept, direction and Choreography / Noora Hannula

Dance / Sophia Mage and Noora Hannula

Motion captured dance and choreography / Noora Hannula

Music / Ida Duelund Hansen

Dramaturgy and Performance design / Klaus H. Frederiksen

3D animation / Jacob Bloch Behrndtz and Søren Schjødt Sehested

3D coordination and consultancy / Petter Mådegård

Light design and technique / John P.G. Jónsson

Voice actor / Jonas P. Jørgensen 

Choreographic assistance and planing / Julie Rasmussen and Elín Sígny

Research supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The Culture Yard and Click festival.

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