When not busy with her own projects Noora gives workshops in various dance establishments nationally and internationally, and is a regular guest teacher at danish theater and physical theater educations. She teaches and gives workshops in contact improvisation/partner work, in "The Art of Pretending" and in her own style called The Running Beast.

In short The Running Beast is a style that offers technical tools and exercises that help in the search of expanding personal movement capacity.

Noora has found some of those tools while working together with her long time work partner Kasper Ravnhøj and then developed them further. Her classes vary from mainly technical to research based work and are always related to her current artistic interests and ways of working. 

Noora has a strong gymnastics background at the level of World Championships, which echoes in her style as ease of acrobatics, definition of movements and strength in partner work.

If you have any questions about attendance to workshops, ordering of private classes or you'd like to order a workshop for your theater or dance group, send an email to:



For private one to one classes the price starts from 600kr / hour.


weeks 9-12

Tuesday 18:00-19:30, Dans i Nordvest, Dansekapellet

week 5

Professional Morning training, Dansehallerne, at Sceneindgangen: Baldersgade 6

Monday 09:00-11:00

Tuesday 09:00-11:00

Wednesday 09:00-11:00

Thursday 09:00-11:00

Friday 09:00-11:00


week 49

Workshop at Skuespillerskolen Ophelia
Monday 13:00-15:30

Tuesday 12:00-14:30

Thursday 9:00-11:30

Friday 9:15-11:45

week 45

Workshop at DDSKS ODENSE

Tursday 8:30-12:00

Friday 8:30-12:00

week 22

Drop in at GAME Streetmekka

Monday 19:00-20:30

week 2

Drop in at GAME Streetmekka

Friday 18:00-19:30


weeks 46-50

Savory Academy: modern dance

Wednesdays from 18:30-20:00

weeks 40-41

Skuespillerskolen Ophelia

Workshop on physical aspects of acting

Tuesday 9.15-12.15

Wednesday 12.15-15.15

Thursday 9.15-12.15

Friday 12.15-15.15

week 14


Monday-Thursday 16.00-21.00

week 8 

Scenekunst, Akademiet

Monday 9.00-11.30

Tuesday 9.00-15.00

Wednesday 12.30-15.00

Thursday 9.00-15.00

week 5

Copenhagen Contemporary school

Monday-Friday 8.15-9.45


week 39

Copenhagen contemporary dance school

Monday 10.00-11.30

Wednesday 14.15-15.45

Thursday 8.15-9.45

Friday 8.15-9.45 and 10.00-11.30

week 16

TUK-Workshop, Akademiet

Monday 16.30-21.30

Tuesday 16.30-21.30

Wednesday 16.30-21.30

Thursday 16.30-21.30


week 6

Workshop, Akademiet

Monday 9.00-15.00

Tuesday 9.00-15.00

Wednesday 9.00-12.00

Thursday 9.00-15.00




week 50

class, Akademiet

Tuesday 9.00-10.00

Wednesday 9.00-10.00

Thursday 9.00-10.00


week 49

Workshop, Theatre Grob

Monday 15.00-19.00

Tuesday 16.00-20.00

Thursday 16.00-20.00

Friday 15.00-18.00


weeks 46-49

Savory Academy, Copenhagen

class on Mondays 19.30-21.30


week 44

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School

Monday 12:45-14:15

Tuesday 8:15-9:45


Wedne. 10:00-11:30


Thursday 12:45-14:15


weeks 37-40

Skuespillerskolen Ophelia, Copenhagen 

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.15-13.15


week 36

Regiontheater Väst, Borås Sweden

Monday-Tuesday class 10.00-11.15


week 33

Regiontheater Väst, Borås Sweden

Monday-Fiday class 10.00-11.15


week 23

Regiontheater Väst, Borås Sweden

Monday-Fiday class 10.00-11.15


weeks 19-22

Progect-x workshop, Theater øn 

teaching with Kasper Ravnhøj


week 19 

workshop at TUK, Akademiet

Monday-Thursday from 16.00-21.00


week 17

workshop at Akademiet

Friday 9.00-14.00


week 9

class at Akademiet

Thursday 9.30-11.30


weeks 6-10


Contact improvisation workshop 

every Wednesday 18.00-20.00

teaching with Kasper Ravnhøj




week 50

class at Akademiet

Tuesday 10.00-11.30


workshop at Galeo 



week 49

workshop at Dansehallerne

Saturday-Sunday 10.00-15.00



© Søren Maisner